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Ideas Forum International Academic and Scientific Association provides a platform for the latest scientific, philosophical and educational research, encouraging approaches from different areas and points of view. The aim of the IFIASA is to organize and promote scientific and educational activities in humanist and social sciences on the international level.  
IFIASA is a registered international scientific Association of distinguished members engaged in academic and scientific research. 
Ideas Forum International Academic and Scientific Areal is an independent academic publisher with an editorial team comprising many of the world's leading researchers.
The IFIASA members include research and development from faculties’ deans, heads of departments, professors, scientists, university postgraduate and undergraduate engineering and technology students, etc. 
The mission of IFIASA is to foster and lead the collaborative interdisciplinary research in state-of-the-art methodologies and the support within its areas of expertise.
IFIASA organizes conferences, workshops, and publishes high quality academic international journals. 
Through its accessible results of scientific research, IFIASA contributes to an on-going educational process in the contemporary society. We do this by offering a multiplicity of events, publications, professionalization and career services as well as lobbying for social-scientific interests on the international level.  

IFIASA Publishing is a member of Publishers International Linking Association, Inc. (PILA), and have been using Crossref services for providing DOIs to all our articles since 2017.

We take this opportunity to thank you for trusting us, and contributing to the evergrowing success of all our services.

IFIASA and its members inspire a global community through its publications, conferences and professional and educational activities. We assure that scientists and researchers get the recognition and rewards that they deserve and the opportunity to play a significant role in the global scientific community.To promote the latest scientific research


To promote the latest scientific research

To promote international exchange
To facilitate intercultural awareness
To encourage interdisciplinary discussion
To generate and share new knowledge
To organizes conferences, workshops
To publishes high quality academic international journals


IFIASA  provide a platform for academicians and professionals with cross-disciplinary interests related to Social Sciences and Humanities, to exchange ideas and interact with each other. Our mission is to promote the latest scientific social sciences, philosophical and educational research. Our scientific journals and conferences, whether designed for a global organizations or Academic professionals, help the authors at fostering an environment of continuous talent development and support academic activities at the international level.


IFIASA aims at providing and fostering collaboration within network.
The benefits of IFIASA membership are discounted conference registration and opportunities for mentoring the development & training activities.  


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