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Since 2015, IFIASA International Conference has become one of the most important conference on social sciences and arts in Romania. IFIASA organizes conferences, workshops, and publishes high quality academic international journals.

The annual IFIASA CONFERENCES promote reflection on important public issues to which any scientific research can make a constructive and essential contribution to the relation between Sciences & Arts, Religion & Education. The aim of MCDSARE is to create a debate conference concerning the great challenges which the contemporary society addresses to social sciences, theological, philosophical and education. The main topics covered by the researchers are: Philosophy, Sociology, Communication, Social Work, Anthropology, Applied Philosophy, Ethics, Applied Ethics, Bioethics, History, Religious Studies, Arts & Architecture, Psychology, Educational Sciences, Politics, European Studies, International Relations, Public & Private Law, Management, Marketing, Economy. The MCDSARE by IFIASA conferences is equally opened to researchers and professors, educational policies makers, strategists, scientists, university postgraduate and undergraduate engineering and students.


Publication | Following the days of the Conferences, the results and ideas are published, upon peer-review, in Proceedings Volumes (ISSN, indexed in international databases). Also, the selected articles could be published in Icon of Faith (Icoana Credinţei) or International Journal of Theology, Philosophy and Science or Pro Edu. International Journal of Educational Sciences and it is submitted for evaluation and indexing by ERIHPLUS, CEEOL, CROSSREF, OAJ, EZB, WORLDCAT, COPAC, Google Scholar, BASE, OCLC, and other data bases.


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Our Conferences >>>


The 4th International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference on the Dialogue between Sciences & Arts, Religion & Education/ Theme of the Conference> Questions, Life and Happiness- QLH For You 2019, Targoviste/Galati, Romania, Volume 3/2019

The 3rd International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference on the Dialogue between Sciences & Arts, Religion & Education/ Theme of the Conference> Identity, Harmony and Reality- IHR For You 2018 May/June, 2018, Targoviste/Galati, Romania, Volume 2/2018

The 2nd International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference on the Dialogue between Sciences & Arts, Religion & Education, Theme of the Conference> Relationship between Man, World and Technique / 20-21 November, 2017, Targoviste, Romania, Volume 1/2017

The 1st International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference on the Dialogue between Sciences & Arts, Religion & Education, Theme of the Conference>  Relationship between Man and Cosmos from Science and Religion perspectives / 10-11 May, 2016, Targoviste, Romania, Volume in Icoana Credintei